Birth Injuries

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The birth of a child is a joyous event rivaled by little else.  A newborn’s parents go to great lengths prior to the child’s birth to ensure that all is being done in the interest of the unborn child’s health and safety.  Unfortunately, an unborn child’s family has no control over what is becoming an ever-growing concern in the United States: medical errors during birth and delivery.  

Medical malpractice by physicians and other hospital personnel during delivery can have devastating, lifelong effects on the child and their family alike.  Common medical errors include but are not limited to: cerebral palsy; brachial plexus; shoulder dystocia; Erb’s palsy; injuries due to the misuse of forceps; and injuries resulting from a medical staff’s failure to timely and appropriately respond to a breech birth. A failure to recognize fetal distress or perform a timely cesarean section surgery (“C-section”) are common medical errors that contribute to a finding of malpractice. Additional procedural failures include: 

  • Understaffed hospital rooms
  • Inattentive physicians 
  • Inadequate testing of vital signs
  • Inappropriate use of birthing tools
  • Forceful treatment of a newborn during birth—particularly in connection with their arms or shoulders
  • Lack of informed consent 
  • Unsanitary medical tools 

Birth injuries often have lifelong effects on a child’s health, safety and ability to thrive later in life.  Similarly, a child’s family may suffer both emotionally and financially as they cope with their child’s condition and strive to make ends meet under mounting medical costs.

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