Glen Mills Schools, PA

In March 2019, a class action suit was filed in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania on behalf of former students of Glen Mills Schools of Delaware County, Pennsylvania. The suit contains allegations that, among other things, Glen Mills Schools and its employees routinely inflicted emotional, mental and physical abuse upon the children and young adults that resided there. These victims—who were forced to remain there due to their age and prior background—were severely abused and now seek damages to account for their physical, mental and emotional trauma.

The class action was filed following a February 2019 investigative report by the Philadelphia Inquirer. The report—which revealed decades of misconduct—concluded that such systemic emotional, mental and physical abuse was a consequence of a concerted effort by the Glen Mills Schools administration and employees alike to keep hidden the torture being inflicted upon these minor victims and interfere with outside investigations. Accounts of active and repeated efforts to elect for secrecy over justice and accountability are well documented in reports obtained by the plaintiffs in the lawsuit. The Inquirer also found that Glen Mills Schools failed in the first instance to properly screen and train their employees, including those that would have regular and direct contact with the school’s most troubled students. These failures resulted in decades of bone-breaking physical force and a lifetime of pervasive emotional and mental trauma.

Current litigation against Glen Mills Schools necessarily seeks compensatory damages for the victims. However, plaintiffs have also asked the court to require that Glen Mill Schools release the school’s records from 2000 to present to be reviewed for documented abuse. The request also includes an opportunity for the victims to inspect the records and a requirement that the records be sent to government entities for potential further action.

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