Mass Transit Accidents

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Residents throughout the major metropolitan locales of this country often rely on mass transit—e.g. buses, subways and trains—to bring their children to school, commute to work and otherwise navigate a congested city. Unfortunately, with dense commuter populations comes the risk of accidental injuries, some catastrophic. 

Mass transit accidents can be caused by a multitude of factors, including mechanical failures, poor or unchecked maintenance, ineffective or outdated safety protocols and reckless operation. Research reflects that pedestrians and cyclists are at an elevated risk of suffering an injury due to another individual’s or entity’s negligence.  Frustratingly, accident records routinely demonstrate that the cause of many accidents resulting in injury were avoidable, as they were caused by an individual engaging in prohibited conduct while operating a mass transit vehicle; this includes eating, texting, speaking on a cell phone and operating the mass transit vehicle while under the influence. 

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