3M Hearing Loss

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Many men and women serving on behalf of our country have filed lawsuits against 3M Company (3M) in connection with the company’s provision of 3M Combat Arms Earplug by contract with the US government. Legislation states that 3M, as well as its predecessor Aearo Technologies, Inc., falsely marketed the earplugs as effective and knowingly distributed defective products to the US military.

The earplugs at issue were specifically created for use by military personnel. The olive-colored end of the earplug was designed to block all sound.  The yellow-colored end was designed to reduce impulse noises (e.g. explosions), but still allow servicemen and women to hear voices and other, quieter sounds. Studies have demonstrated that the short length of the earplugs allowed the seal to become loose, thus negating the noise-blocking feature.  

Sadly, the resultant damage caused medically recognized conditions, including tinnitus; tinnitus presents in varying ways, which include relatively minimal consequences (e.g. intermittent buzzing or hissing in the ear) to far more severe effects (e.g. constant ambient noise and total hearing loss). Under any circumstance or clinical diagnosis, this condition can have a severe effect on those that have served our country and may be handling contemporaneous struggles that accompany a return home from service. 

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