Boy Scouts of America Bankruptcy Proceeding

Case Update

What do we already know?

  • 82,000 claimants submitted sexual abuse claims in November 2020.
  • 86% of survivor votes were in support of BSA’s Plan for reorganization in December 2021.
  • Judge Laurie Selber Silverstein approved BSA’s Plan for reorganization in September 2022.

What does BSA’s Plan for Reorganization include?

$2.6 Billion settlement trust for survivors.

Critical safety measures and protections for current + future generations of Scouts.

The formation of a Survivor Advisory Working Group.

A secured commitment from the BSA to appoint a survivor to its National Executive Board.

So... where does the case stand right now?

Photo of a gavel
A Delaware Federal Judge issued his opinion in March 2023 and upheld the Chapter 11 Plan of the Boy Scouts of America.
This means that we will soon be able to move forward with the next stage of this case to help deliver the justice you deserve.

So... what will happen next?


Survivors will be asked to complete an additional questionnaire. 

Then, the Settlement Trust Advisory Committee will begin to evaluate individual claim forms.

Clip art depicting a written check payment.

What if I selected the $3,500 one-time payment?

Then you will not undergo the claim evaluation process and will receive that one-time payment instead.  

We do not yet know when the one-time payment will be issued.

Questions & Answers

In the meantime, can I do anything to possibly
strengthen my claim?

If you are able, please send your attorney any type of proof of your time in Scouting. This may include photographs, certificates, rosters, awards, badges, etc.

Why is this case taking so long?

Image of an hour glass.
Photo of a gavel

This is the largest Sexual Abuse case in American History.

Attorneys have negotiated the largest Sexual Abuse settlement in the history of this nation.

This was, and continues to be, a time-consuming endeavor.

Where we've been,
and where we're going...

Claim Form Deadline
November 2020
Survivors vote to accept BSA Plan
December 2021
Judge approves BSA Plan
September 2022
Appeals process began
October 2022
Conclusion of appeals process
March 2023
Additional questionnaire to be completed
Mid 2023
Claim Form evaluation / compensation
End 2023/Early 2024
IMPORTANT: Future dates are estimations and may be subject to change.

It remains an honor to represent you in this historic case.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or concerns you may have: | (631) 420-9300
Thank you.