Abuse in Spa, Fitness & Therapy Settings

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Individuals attend self-care facilities (e.g. fitness centers, spas, and physical therapists) in hopes of improving their health, wellness, and overall well being. At these locations, they often interact with or are assisted by trainers, therapists, and other self-care employees. These staff members have an obligation to act professionally and should under no circumstances exploit the circumstances that may be attendant to the requirements of their position. Unfortunately, reports have surfaced that employees at these facilities sometimes take advantage of their clients and act in a sexually inappropriate manner.

Survivors of sexual abuse in self-care facilities all share one common trait: they are in a vulnerable position as compared to the abuser. Visitors to these facilities are often in close contact with other individuals, are injured or immobile or during the treatment are wearing minimal clothing, if any. These self-care clients have placed themselves in this vulnerable position due to the trust they have imparted on the facility’s employees.

Sexual abuse at self-care facilities can occur only once or can be a routine violation over the course of treatment. The abuse may range from conduct defined as sexual harassment (e.g. sharing of sexually inappropriate images or videos, making inappropriate sexual gestures or making sexually charged jokes) to more overt acts of sexual abuse (e.g. unwanted touching, rubbing or penetration). Regardless, both sexual harassment and overt sexual abuse can lead to long-term consequences affecting the totality of a victim’s life.

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