Uterine Cancer Added to WTC Health Program

Posted on: February 10, 2023

As of January 18, 2023, all types of uterine cancer (including endometrial cancer) are now covered by the WTC Health Program. Female first responders, workers, volunteers, and residents diagnosed with uterine cancer that were at or near Ground Zero on or after 9/11 can now qualify for compensation from the VCF and free lifetime cancer treatments. The 9/11 Victims Act will also allow these individuals to become eligible for an award that includes economic losses for lost earnings or medical expenses in addition to compensation for pain and suffering.

Uterine cancer was previously the only cancer excluded from the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund and WTC Health Program. Due to the majority of first responders being male, research into health consequences of 9/11 toxic exposure has been biased in favor of men’s health. Until the addition of ovarian cancer in 2013, and the recent addition of uterine cancer in 2023, female 9/11 responders and survivors have been forced to forgo expensive medical services or pay for cancer treatments out of pocket.

“The addition of uterine cancer as a WTC-related condition is significant in many ways,” says Taylor Nash, Associate Attorney at Slater Slater Schulman, lead attorney in WTC cases involving uterine cancer. “This has been a long time coming and I look forward to representing clients who have been awaiting this.”

Slater Slater Schulman LLP is dedicated to the representation of individuals who have been injured or have loved ones who have been injured by exposure from the toxic debris of 9/11. Our firm is handling litigation related to these claims nationwide.

If you or someone you love was diagnosed with 9/11-related uterine cancer, please contact Slater Slater Schulman LLP for a free consultation by filling out the form on this page or by calling our office at (800) 251-6990.

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