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Perkins Waitresses, Hostesses Allege ‘Extreme’ Sexual Harassment – Bloomberg BNA

Seven women claim ‘totally disgusting’ cook at Staten Island Perkins sexually harassed them – NY Daily News

NFL Players Have Until August 7 To Register Concussion Claims – Forbes

Feds probing Fox News Channel for not disclosing sex harassment payouts, attorney for Ailes accuser says – NY Daily News

Legionnaires victims sue NYC for turning ‘a blind eye’ in last year’s deadly outbreak – NY Daily News

Family of California man who hanged himself in prison following car crash that killed friend say GM ignition switch scandal to blame for accident  – NY Daily News

Families accuse officials of negligence in latest lawsuit on Flint water crisis – CNN

Seven Lead-Poisoned Families File Flint Class Action Lawsuit – NBC News

Parents of ‘Tragic’ 2-Year-Old With Lead Poisoning Sue Flint – NBC News

Family of lead-poisoned Flint girl, 2, files suit – Detroit Free Press

Lead-Poisoned Families To File Class Action Lawsuit Against City Of Flint- NewsOne

Takeda Accused Of Hiding Diabetes Drug’s Cancer Link – Law 360

Man Diagnosed With Legionnaire’s Disease Files Lawsuit Against NYC – CBS New York

Muslim Man Fired From Bed Bath & Beyond Says He Was Called ‘Terrorist’ – Huffington Post

NYC Pizza Chain Served OT Class Action – Law 360

The Medical Blunder That Kings County Hospital Failed To Report – NY Daily News

Ohio Woman Dies From Legionnaries Disease – Ohio.com

New York governor to send inspectors to NYC after deadly illness – Reuters

Diamond dealer paid sign-holder $15/day: suit – NY Daily News

Counselor Undertakes $3m Theft – NY Daily News

Axed OT ‘Whistleblower’ Catches Co-Worker Sleeping on Job – New York Post

Dollar Store Workers Make ‘Sweatshop’ Claims in $2M Suit – NY Daily News

City’s Top Porta-Potty Company Fails To Pay Overtime: Suit – NY Daily News

Family of Grandmother Attacked by Nurse To File Suit Against Bronx Nursing Home – NY Daily News

Lawsuit Filed Against Takeda Pharmaceuticals – Sharp News

Worker Sues Dollar Slice Pizza Chain 2 Bros – Biz Journals

Racist Long Island Warehouse Boss Sued For Terrorizing Workers – NY Daily News